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'We must be worried about state of football in Ghana' – Randy Abbey

By Kweku Antwi Jnr
Randy Abbey
Randy Abbey

Former Spokesperson for the defunct Ghana Football Association (GFA), Randy Abbey, says Ghanaians must be worried over inability of the government of Ghana and Federation of International Football Association (FIFA), to form a  Normalisation Committee to stern the affairs of football activities in Ghana.

Randy Abbey said if the process by FIFA to form the Normalisation Committee delays it could attract a suspension from FIFA.

The former GFA Spokesperson made the observations on Adom TV’s Fire-For-Fire on Tuesday monitored by PrimeSport.

“I am getting worried over how Ghana football is going because the GFA have been blocked and prevent from haven access to the office”, he added.

Randy Abbey said “the normalization is getting worried. It is not normal that the normalization of Ghana football has not come and we need to be very careful because if we are not careful, we shall hear something different”.

“When the normalization is delaying, FIFA will order the government to take the process to make sure the GFA works or we ban you”, he explained.

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He said “I am worried if CAF and FIFA supports government but the normalization has not come and if it keeps delaying, FIFA will ask government to take steps necessary to get the GFA work or we suspend you”.


Expressing further fear, Randy said “in less than four week, there is a qualifier for AFCON and if they [government] indeed has that relationship with CAF and FIFA, but normalization has not come, then I am getting worried”.

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