10 photos that sum up how beautiful Ghana is

By Michael Klugey
Photos of Ghana
Photos of Ghana

Ghana, is no doubt, one of the most exciting countries to be in West Africa.there are so many beautiful photos of Ghana that have never been seen before. The city, Accra boast of amazing people, mouth-watering dishes, irresistible beaches and rich cultural heritage and history. With its sprawling vegetation, natural endowment, and a network of solid roads, Ghana is a destination of choice for most tourists.

Did you know that Ghana was the first sub-Saharan African nation to gain independence, becoming a republic in 1957 under the guidance of pan-Africanist and first president, Kwame Nkrumah? Soon afterwards, other nations followed suit, looking to Ghana for guidance and inspiration on how to bring together nations filled with diverse tribes and varied landscapes. Visit the National Museum of Ghana in Accra to get a full picture of the historical journey as well as Independence Square. If possible, join in the myriad of celebrations that take place every year on the first long weekend of March including the annual Asa Baako Festival that takes place on the beautiful beaches of Busua, Western Ghana.

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Prime News Ghana is happy to show you beautiful photos that sum up how wonderful and exciting Ghana is: enjoy

The Beautiful city of Accra

Elmina Beach Resort in the Central Region

Holy Trinity SPA  in the Volta region of Ghana