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3 hacks that will help your perfume last longer on your body

By Wendy Amarteifio
3 hacks that will help your perfume last longer on your body
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You might wonder why, after like four hours the scent of your perfume has faded from your body and you might be forced to spray again.

Well, it is most likely because you have been spraying them wrongly.

Not spraying your perfume the right way can affect how long it lasts on you not minding what kind of perfume it is. Good perfumes are a little bit expensive, so you want to make sure you are enjoying the very most of your money by ensuring you are spraying the right way.

Below are perfumes hack that you obviously did not know could help your fragrance last all day on your body:

1. Do not rub your wrist together

Most of us are guilty of this. Immediately we spray our perfume on our wrist, we are so quick to rub our wrist against together.

Well, this is wrong because it makes the top notes fade away faster, therefore, making your fragrance not to last for a long time. Just spay on the wrist and let is sit without rubbing.

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2. Apply Vaseline to your pulse point

Applying Vaseline to your pulse points before spraying your perfume is another way to make your fragrance last longer.

The pulse points are where the blood vessels in your body are located and they include the back of your ear lobes, behind your knees, your cleavage and also your inner elbows. The reason is, these points in your body release heat making your perfume spring into the air and making it smell all day.

3. Spray on your hairbrush

We want to smell good from head to toe and one effective to achieve that is not by spraying your perfume directly on your hair but spraying it on your hairbrush.

Spraying directly on your hair will damage your hair because of the alcohol content in the perfume. Also, spraying your perfume into your hairbrush helps to even out the smell when you brush your hair.