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3 major signs you aren’t a priority in your relationship

By Louisa Sowah
3 major signs you aren’t a priority in your relationship
3 major signs you aren’t a priority in your relationship
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If your partner makes you feel special on important occasions such as Valentine’s day and your birthday, then miserable the rest of the year then you should be mindful of these three major signs that show your place in their lives. 

 Not doing anything social together on special occasions

How often do you go out to eat or go see a movie with your partner? If you don’t remember the last time, you had a date night or did anything social with your partner on a special occasion, it’s a sign that you are an option and not a priority.

Danielle Forshee a Doctor of Psychology cautions that some people just don’t find birthdays and anniversaries to be all that important, but that alone isn’t necessarily a sign that the relationship is over. 

If you are with someone who does not value (special occasions) yet you do, it’s a matter of how you manage that inherent difference because that could be a potential problem.

But if you’ve told someone “I’d like to set aside some time to celebrate our anniversary in a meaningful way” and they consistently ignore that request, you’d have some grounds to believe that your requests and maybe you aren’t being prioritized.

The communication between the both of you lacks quality

Without communication, there’s no relationship. You two hardly communicate and when you do, the conversation lacks quality and essence. You don’t discuss anything meaningful; you guys don’t talk about your goals and aspirations neither about theirs. You also don’t make plans together either.

Anytime you raise a topic or ask about the plans of the relationship, they always shove it off

But someone who truly loves you and has your interest at heart will always want to your goals and help you achieve them. When next you see them avoiding such relevant topics, it only shows that you are not a priority. They could open up to someone else whom they are always open to, discuss such vital issues with and share literally everything with…BUT NOT YOU.

They are constantly lying

They constantly lie to you and hide vital information from you which they present as “seeming insignificant”. But by the time you find out, you’ll often find those things to be quite significant contrary to what they made you believe. Sometimes you find them acting suspiciously as if they’re trying to hide something from you. They even get jumpy and anxious around you.

A relationship should be founded on honesty and trust and the minute u can’t trust you partner; you have to question if your relationship is heading anywhere.