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3 marriage lessons mothers should give to their sons

By Wendy Amarteifio
3 marriage lessons mothers should give to their sons
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When it comes to marriage, mothers share a lot with their daughters and overlook the importance of doing the same with sons.

Mother’s advice towards a married son is important as most sons treat their wives depending on how they relate with their mothers.Here are marriage lessons that every mother should offer their married sons.

1. Don’t compare your wife with me

A mother should try and make sure that her son does not compare his wife with her. be it in her cooking or how she handles things around the house, a mother should let the son know that in whatever way his wife is, he needs to accept her that way.

2. Help your wife at every step

Having that your wife has officially left her family just to home for you, every mother should let their sons know the importance of supporting their wives at every step. Sons should make sure that they take care of their wives and are also comfortable.

3. Your wife is not your ‘mommy’

By this, it means that it is now time for one to be a grown-up and take responsibility. A son should not sit down and depend on their wives the same ways they depend on their mothers.

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