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5 body language gestures that leave a bad impression

By primenewsghana
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In public speaking, your body can be an effective tool for adding emphasis and clarity to your words.

Body gestures are also our most powerful instrument for conveying our confidence levels, mindset, and the message we want to convey. Why? More than half of all human communication takes place nonverbally. Scientific studies have proven that body language determines the personality of an individual.

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Hence, people who can understand and relate how body language and gestures help one to build his personality know that if you want to achieve an effective personality, you will also need to improve your body language.

Proper speaking posture, gestures, body movement, facial expression, and eye contact are keys to a powerful personality for making a positive first impression on an audience.

Touching your face while talking

If you touch your face while talking to someone, you are leaving a bad impression on the other person. It is a very low-power gesture and you project nervousness, lack of confidence as well as control. This gesture turns people off. It also says that you lack presence of mind in the conversation. You are judged as a clueless or unprepared person at that moment.

Intertwined fingers

Many people have this habit of clasping their hands or fingers which is not a very good gesture. You may think that you look like someone with power or you are an authoritative figure but it is actually the opposite. It says that you are nervous, hesitant and worried and even lack confidence. If you are presenting something and your fingers are in that gesture then you may be perceived to lack preparation.

Crossing your arm behind your back

This gesture may seem like you are not welcoming any further communication from the other person or are very cocky and even authoritative. It shows that you do not trust the other person. According to psychologists, this gesture is a way of telling people that you are “unsure” of them. The more firm the grip is, the more it looks like you are frustrated or angry or even nervous around the person.

Lack of response

When you are a part of a conversation, you must make eye contact and show that you are listening. If you do not respond, do not make eye contact, don’t even nod or smile, you are showing that you are not interested. It is important to give cues!

Standing cross legged

If it is not for holding your gallbladder, then this gesture is very negative. It strips you of your confidence and your words are not very effective. This posture makes you look under confident or anxious. This gesture is defensive especially when you cross your legs in the middle of a conversation. It looks like you have a very closed off attitude who probably does not care about the other’s opinion.