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5 reasons why most Ghanaian ladies are still single

By Michael Duah
5 reasons why most Ghanaian ladies are still single
5 reasons why most Ghanaian ladies are still single
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Good looking, talented and smart Ghanaian ladies who are supposed to be off the market are still single.

It is no joke how some Ghanaian women have made the toughest decisions to remain single but it is crystal clear most single and unmarried women would have preferred being married or at least found a stable relationship.

Here are 5 candid reasons why most ladies are still not in a relationship and why they may remain as such for long if some things do not change.

They love unavailable men

For some mysterious reasons, most single Ghanaian ladies are in love with someone's man. They are always into unreachable men.

It is true the unavailable men know how to care for women, but do you think they learnt it? They were thought such habit by another woman. What you need to do is to get yours and teach him to treat you good even if he is bad at it.

They are not ready to compromise

Most Ghanaian ladies have the wrong understanding of what feminism is.

You should understand that equal rights come with burdens. If you are asking the man to kneel to propose to you, you should equally be ready to kneel to offer him a drink. Funny right?

Relationships come with responsibilities. It’s full of compromise. It is not always what you want. Ladies must learn to sacrifice for their relationship.

Don’t always expect to be at the receiving end. Pamper him, care for him, and if you can provide some basic things that he needs, do it!.

Some ladies have nothing to offer in the relationship except sex. He will run and leave you. Go to school and learn a trade. No matter what, do something that will benefit the relationship, not just you.

They write men off after the first date

It’s absolutely silly to judge a book by it’s cover!. Most Ghanaian ladies expect so much on a first date and when the men fail to impress on the first date, they simply write them off. No!, it was just a first date. Don’t just conclude. Be patient and get to know him.

It’s true first impression counts, but first impressions are not everything. It’s just a first impression. Get to know him. Who knows, he may be the right one after all.

Most Ghanaian ladies hunt for husbands

Most Ghanaian ladies appear desperate when men attempt to start a relationship with them even when they are not desperate.

Single ladies should bear in mind that, just a few weeks after starting a relationship with a guy, if you start bombarding him with marriage issues, you scare him away because he presumes you are desperate and desperation is not attractive.

It’s okay to check him out within yourself like how stable his finance is and if he is a marriage material, his ambitions, and other stuff like that but don’t nag him about them.

He knows your status, he knows what every woman dreams of marriage and he knows what he is in for, don’t scare him away, please.

Their choice of men are yet to exist

Most Ghanaian ladies have jumble their fantasy with their reality. They have created, designed and perfected the kind of man they need in their lives and as such, any man who crosses their paths are not good enough.

Most single ladies have this ‘Telenovela’ kind of man in their mind and they compare everyman who approaches them to him and as always, the reality never comes close, so they keep waiting.

I am not saying do not envision a perfect partner in life, am just saying be real. You could always mould the man you choose into whoever you desire him to be.