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5 signs to show Accra is already set for Christmas

By Fareeda Abdul Aziz
5 signs to show Accra is already set for Christmas
5 signs to show Accra is already set for Christmas
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December has just begun and it’s already out in day one.

If you were lucky enough to find yourself in another country at this time of the year, you will be surrounded by Christmas Lights, snow and Christmas trees. Unfortunately for you, you are in Ghana, to make it worse, Accra. Christmas is all fun and games as a child, however, when you cross over into adulthood, all you see is a month filled with bills and responsibilities.

Here are 5 signs to show Accra is already set for Christmas.

  1. Traffic.

The age-old trick of leaving early to avoid the 8 am traffic is powerless against the December traffic.

November has just closed up yet from Madina to 37 will have you sitting in traffic for close to 3 hours. The only way to survive is to park your car and trek to work, or start using a bike or a motorcycle.

  1. Uber/Bolt/Yango prices.

You will be devastated at the end of the trip when the price comes up. The best advice we could give you would be to trade in your gym membership for a bicycle or good sneakers because you will be getting your needed exercise in both situations. If you decide to order a ride, just one ride would leave you spending your entire Christmas in your room.

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  1. Increase in prices of bag of rice, oil and chicken.

We have been in this country enjoying the same chicken and Gino rice at normal albeit high prices, all of a sudden December comes and the chicken has doubled in price? What changed? Did the same hen develop some superpowers? Can the meat cure Corona? Can the meat make you meet Christ?

  1. Christmas boxes in shops.

Many shops especially hairdressers and barber’s have this time as their favourite time of the year because they get to bring out their ‘susu boxes’, wrap them and put them on display for their clients to engage in Christmas gift-giving.

  1. Balloons, Knockouts and Christmas Hats.

Pretty sure the shops in your neighbourhood have started restocking on these. It is only at this time of the month that sudden “gunshot” sounds at midnight are accepted in this country.