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5 wrong colours you have being wearing to the office.

By Hagar Ofosua

Research has proven that colours affect our mood and those around us. There are certain colours that fit perfectly in a formal certain, while others don’t. Amazingly, I once went for an interview and this is something I learned from one Human Resource Manager.

Dressed in my only neatly pressed brown skirt and suit (though it looked baggy on me)and armed with all the facts I needed, little did I know that the colour of my suit was going to take center stage of the whole interview rather than my credentials. My interaction with him unveiled a lot including the following:

Colours to avoid wearing to the office:

  1. Brown

Brown sends the message of being comforting and reliable but also conveys the image that you are simple and old-fashioned. These qualities aren’t positive in job interviews when you want to convey the message of being forward-thinking and modern.

  1. Red or Pink

This is the colour of aggression and passion Red sends a message of power, but not in a good way. Red conveys that you’re bold but in most cases, professionals think the colour can come off as domineering, rebellious.

  1. Grey

The most immediate thing that is associated with the colour grey is “grey hair” which signifies old age. Grey implies that people are inactive, uninvolved and lack drive. Quite the contrary, others argue that if you want to send the message to your employer that you are logical and analytical, then grey is the way to go but, this doesn’t work all the time.

  1. Orange

Orange stands as the worst color to wear to a job interview, as many associates the colour with someone who’s unprofessional.


This is one bright colour that stimulates joy, but if you work in a creative field, then you can choose to go colourful with yellow.

Here are the best colours to wear to the Office:

  1. Blue

For many, blue has a calming effect (as seen with most swimming pools) and is linked to intellect. According to experts, shades of blue sends the message that you’re wise, credible and trustworthy. This actually explains why most security personnel are normally seen in green or blue.

  1. Black

Black conveys leadership, so save it for interviews for management positions. Besides blue, experts also favour black for job interviews. Colour experts say it’s a great colour to wear for an interview for a management position, but be cautious of the risk of overpowering the person you’re interviewing with if you are applying to be an assistant.

  1. Green

 Green, according to many, denotes freshness and exuberance (as seen in fresh green leaves), safety and harmony. Some associate green with money and the “go” signal for a traffic light and this makes it safe.

4. White

This color is associated with cleanliness and perfection. It is always a safe choice for a shirt or scarf, but also note that too much white denotes timidity.

In conclusion, remember to dress for the company that is paying your salary and avoid clothes that clash with your corporate culture.

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