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Botox in your 20s may not be as beneficial as you think

Botox treatment
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Botox in your 20s may not be as beneficial as you think. It seems like the target audience for Botox has changed over the years, as the younger generation are going under the needle more now than ever.


But is it really needed for those who haven't even reached 30 yet? Dr Seena Seka begins by telling Cover Media how the process works.

"Botox (botulinum toxin type A) is applied medically to patients to treat certain muscular conditions," he explained. "These range from muscular spasms and stiffness to nerve disorders. However, Botox can also be used to temporarily lessen the appearance of facial wrinkles, usually between three to six months."

But what does he think about giving Botox to younger people? While there's an argument that by starting early wrinkles will be less likely to occur later, Dr Seka insists this theory is limited. He adds there's also the risk of developing immunity to the formula by continuously using the injections, which could eventually lead to distress over one's appearance.

Jag Chana, a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at Spire Bushey Hospital in Watford, London, slams the idea of individuals using Botox in their 20s as the injection only responds to facial expressions at this age, not as a preventative measure.

Both he and Dr Seka have their reservations and believe it's the current environment which has caused a rise in Botox numbers for those in their 20s, with Dr Seka noting: "Women who begin early can become caught in the need for more and more Botox, causing a mental spiral which will become difficult to control. When used for improving appearance, a healthy balance is needed and one should never see Botox as a proactive measure to simply 'feeling good'. Quite simply, when would you stop?"

Meanwhile other specialists have shared their opinions with various other publications, like Dr Askari Townshend, founder of aesthetic clinic Askinology in Central London. He has stressed that it's down to a person's rate of ageing which determines when they should consider Botox, as well as their lifestyle.

"I see some ladies who are 23, 25, and they've been smoking for 10 years and using sun beds, so they're very different to somebody who's 35 who's looked after themselves," he told Refinery29.

So if you're in this age bracket and considering turning to the needle, we recommend you talk to a specialist and make an informed decision before jumping straight in.