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How to fight menstrual cramps the easy way

By Hagar Ofosua
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Menstrual cramps are an inevitable aspect of the menstrual cycle. For some women, the pain turns so severe that it interferes with their daily activities.

 Those cramps can be very disturbing but don’t allow menstrual cramps to get you down. To help you through your monthly period, Prime lifestyle has compiled a number of tips on how you can reduce menstrual cramps. 

Apply heat to the lower abdomen.
This is one method has truly proven helpful to me. The heat will enable you to relax the contracting muscles that cause the cramps. The heat can be applied through the use of a heat pad or by simply soaking a towel into hot water and placing it on your lower abdomen. This natural method truly works magic and allows you to have a free flow as expected. You can also pour the heated water into a bottle and place it on the lower abdomen as an alternative option when you don’t have a heating pad.

Take in more water.
Water helps keep your body from hydrating and helps to avoid painful bloating during menstrual pain. Warm water is usually better for cramps to increase blood flow. Fruits and vegetables such as watermelon, lettuce, cucumbers, and so on, contains more water and can be very helpful when taken in.

Control your diet.
Studies have shown that diets low in fat and rich in vitamins help to reduce menstrual cramps. Green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamins A, C, E, B and K. These foods also help prevent anaemia from menstrual bleeding by providing nutrients necessary to create new blood cells to help replace the lost blood. Increase your iron intake by taking in food supplements that are rich in iron.

Drink some tea.
There are varieties that can help reduce the menstrual cramps. Ginger and cinnamon, for example, has proven very effective in helping to reduce menstrual cramps. Avoid caffeinated tea because it builds tension and anxiety which can worsen your cramps.

Grab some carrots.
Carrots are not only good for the eyes, they also help reduce menstrual cramps. A glass of carrot juice can go a long way to reduce the menstrual cramps.

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Undertake some calm exercises.
Women often exercise suffer less menstrual cramps. Undertaking some exercises before and during your menstrual periods help take care of menstrual cramps. When the pain turns uncontrollable, you can undertake moderate exercises such as walking and yoga massage the front of the abdomen to help relax the crumpled muscles that cause the cramps.

Increase your Calcium intake
Calcium has proven very helpful in the reduction of menstrual cramps. Foods rich in calcium include sesame seeds, oranges, oatmeal, soymilk and beans, cheese, yoghurt, sardines, etc, help reduce the pain.

Try taking omega 3 fatty acids.
Taking fish oil supplements rich in fatty acids help reduce menstrual cramps. Further study has unveiled that women who took daily fish oil supplements on daily basis had less pain during their menstrual cycle.
But in cases where all of these remedies prove futile, the best option would be for one to seek medical assistance as it may be due to other related causes.
Have a smooth menstrual cycle!

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