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Experts give 6 reasons why you should stay out of contact with your ex

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Break ups can be emotionally draining
Break ups can be emotionally draining
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If you are going to break up, one of the best options is to stay out of contact with your ex.

Break up pains like internal wounds, so you have to stay focused and build up another interest. As part of the healing process after breakup or divorce is to totally stay out of contact with your ex for some number of days or months.

You may find it difficult to accept this principle as but it works. You have to practice this for a minimum of 60 days and this includes, no texting, no calls, no social media interaction or so ever.

It can be the most complicated thing to do, but if you truly want to move on after a breakup, then cut your ex off from your deals.

Here are the reasons why you should stay out of contact with your ex after a breakup.

  1. You need to heal

It pains when you get disappointment in the person you never expected to get it from.  All of a sudden he/she shatters your long-lasting relationship.

It creates mistrust in all human beings. If care is not taken you may think no love truly exists but it is the opposite.

If you stay in contact with your ex, it is going to agitate the wounds you got during the breakup.

After experiencing such disappointment from your trusted person, cut him/her off from your contact. Don’t try to plead for a return though situations may propel you to do so.

Stay out of contact for some time to heal your wounds. Every time you see or hear from your ex, your heart will start to beat. This is not a means to get your ex back but to take off the psychological trauma you went through.

  1. It helps regain your energy

Treat your ex as past tense which has nothing to offer me during this present time.

Don’t waste your time and energy on things that will not benefit you again. If you’re still in contact with your ex, even if you’re not aware of it, you’re devoting energy to a relationship that can no longer provide you with what you need and desire.

  1. It keeps your value

No one goes scot-free in a relationship after a breakup.

The one who committed the act and the one who was terribly affected are both affected. In order to keep your value and integrity, you have to stay out of contact with your ex to keep going.

You were already rejected, now your silence will speak louder than any word could.

Your ex will also feel the heat of how he lost a great person like you. Stay out of their life and have more time for your personal life.

  1. Self-Development

Because you were able to stay out of contact with your ex, you can now have enough time to develop yourself.

People don’t just break up from a relationship -- it may be because of economic conditions.

Correct your finances now by developing yourself.

Take time to focus on things that can keep you progressing.

Ignoring your ex in terms of communication will help you achieve your purpose in life.

  1. Correct your mistakes

In relationships, some mistakes occur that we overlook until they suddenly lead to a breakup.

Give yourself enough time to correct your mistakes before entering into another relationship.

Cutting of your ex from contact will help you to keep focus and plan your life.

“When you make a mistake, don’t look back at it. Take the reason of the thing into your mind and then look forward. Mistakes are lessons of wisdom. The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.”-Angela Simmons.

  1. it will make you strong

If you stay out of contact with your ex, you will definitely become emotionally strong.

Remember, no one can create happiness for you if you fail to do it yourself.

Get yourself together and fight to achieve a purposeful life to make someone confused. Add value to yourself after that breakup to make your ex jealous of your life.

Don’t expect your ex back again as the relationship ends. Give it time and make the necessary corrections in your life. Be strong to achieve what you desire. Pains are temporary and will soon depart from you totally.