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Go on and complain, It's good for you

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
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We've all done it. Whether it's about how horribly cold it is outside, how our pizza doesn't have enough cheese, how our boss is pissing off or how our partner might not be into us anymore, complaining is something we all do. And as much as breathing.

And this time we encourage you to go all out and vent since science has presented us with compelling evidence that taking time to complain may be just what we need.

Why is it good to complain?

In a brilliant research essay published in Psychology Today titled "The Value of Complaining," research analysts, after analysing data from 27,353 respondents were surprised to see how 97 per cent people felt really good after venting. It ranged from complaints about bad food, horrible weather, train delays, and rising prices. So when we complain, we are actually blowing off steam and in turn that makes us feel happy.

Constantly complaining can be supremely annoying to people around you but research published in the scientific journal The Sage clearly shows how it can be a tool for bonding as people feel closer to each other and go onto share more personal information eventually. Who knew bonds built over mutual dissatisfaction not only happen but persist too?

Another reason why people complain and feel good about it is that it's so damn easy to do so. All you need is a good listener. If you don't have that, your 1,000 Facebook friends or a couple of hundred Instagram followers will make the cut.

Lastly, we complain because life isn't perfect. If two minutes of nagging can help you feel better about things we don't necessarily have control over, then go ahead and complain your heart out.

How to complain right.

Now that we have laid out the benefits of complaining and how it can be good for us, it doesn't mean you on a mad rampage and criticise everything and anything. Complaining can be good for you only if you do it in a proper and effective manner.

Whenever you need to vent, you must let your listener know you are venting and just getting things off your mind. This will help them know exactly what type of support they need to provide. Also, make a conscious choice to keep these venting sessions short and sweet as prolonged discussions over negative emotions can be quite annoying for all the parties involved.

And lastly, always keep in mind that for a short while, it's good to complain because you might need to hear a new perspective from the listener, but if you are constantly thinking about the problems in your life on loop and worrying excessively, it will drive you mad.

Just remember, it's good to speak out what's on your mind but too much of anything might drive you crazy and complaining is one of them. So once you have complained and it's out of the system, stop thinking about it and you can still keep up with the art of nagging.

Source : Indiatimes