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Here's why stretch marks itch

By Wendy Amarteifio
stretch marks
Here's why stretch marks itch
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Stretch marks are one of the issues that most women deal with and here’s why they itch.

The long streaks or stripes occur when the skin stretches and it results in stretch marks.

Stretch marks can develop anywhere on your body, from your bust, hips, butts, thighs and more. People often get itchy with stretch marks.

Stretch marks develop when the skin is stretched beyond its capacity. This ends up causing tears in the dermis which is the second layer of the skin.

The moment the stretch marks start developing, they become red/ pink and itchy. Most times, fresh stretch marks itch because the skin has less collagen support and becomes thinner.

When the skin starts healing, the torn dermis gets stimulated which causes some itch stimulation. Also, when your skin gets really dry, your skin gets itchy.

Apply some moisturizers in this case. Pregnant women have stretch marks and it also gets itchy when your skin starts healing itself.