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Five secret things you should know before kissing

By Michael Klugey
Five secret things you should know before kissing
Five secret things you should know before kissing
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Because kissing is important in relationship, especially since it’s usually your first initial physical contact with a new partner, a bad kiss can end things before they even start. 

So you finally got "the look" and you're moving in for that killer kiss when it dawns on you that you need help and fast. If you're game to learn everything you need to know about who, what, when, where, why and how to kiss? well, PrimeNewsGhana is here to help you get that killer kiss. 

No worries, you and anyone can be a good kisser, and here are 4 tips to prove my point.

1. Be sure you have lips. Use them

Maybe you think everybody does. But I've known a particular kind of kiss that was all dental work, teeth against teeth. And then, of course, the tongue, which in this case was no real thrill at all. That kiss kept getting thinner and harder until I began to feel we were after some sort of bone-crushing, science-fiction jaw lock right there under the street light. No lips, no give-and-take. A kiss demands a little surrender, yes. But there must be some resistance, too. That's what the lips are for.


2. Avoid Stinky Foods Before A Kiss

If you know that your chance to make out is very good, then skip the garlic, raw onions, and excessive coffee. Granted, sometimes a hot kiss isn’t planned, but if you can prep for it, do so. 

3. Touch, don't grab

Use your hands. Delicately. My girlfriend sometimes lays her hand flat on the side of my face when she kisses me. I like that. Or she spreads her fingers on the back of my neck. Very nice. Or locks her hands in mine. This is not distracting, and it isn't foreplay. Not always. It's dimensional. There's a lot going on, because of her hands, her fingertips. Hands open things up.


4. Don't steal kisses. Ask for them

Just don't do it with words. Sure, there's a measure of permission involved, but it's not a verbal contract, kissing. A lot of people will tell you it's polite to ask. Maybe, if the situation calls for it. Other situations let you just take your shot. I trust you know the difference.


5. Be solid

I once kissed a woman who told me the thing she liked about kissing men was that she could hang on their shoulders. She liked the implication of strength. That's the only thing I can tell you about that.

It occurs to me that you can't do anything until you can kiss properly. There are foods you don't know how to eat, words you don't know how to say, constellations you will not be able to name. Sexually, you won't know where to turn. I'm not even sure you can drive a car if you don't know what it is to kiss. So get it right. Luckily for you, the only authority you'll ever really need to consult is right there, pressed up against you, lip-to-lip. When you get it right, they will tell you, you will know, and maybe then someone will want to listen to your lessons.


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