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How to smell nice without wearing perfume

By Wendy Amarteifio
How to smell nice without wearing perfume
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Perfumes are great. But sometimes you forget to pack it when travelling. Or, your favourite fragrance could be out of stock.

It’s best if you are equipped with tips on how to smell good without having to wear perfume. Plus, sometimes you need a break from the daily spritz.

These tips will be your saviour at such moments:

1. Eat clean

Ever heard of the phrase, ‘you are what you eat’? Some foods, when eaten in large amounts can cause body odour. Onions, garlic and asparagus are some of the foods you will want to go slow on to keep smelling nice.

2. Drink up

How much water you need to drink in a day is dependent on various aspects. But as you already know, the recommended amount is eight glasses a day. Just try not to go below that.

3. Moisturize with scented oil

Immediately after leaving the bathroom, apply scented oil when your skin is still damp. This way, your skin will absorb the oils and fragrance better. Invest in a luxurious body lotion whose scent lingers on all day.


4. Change your clothes on a daily basis

Yes, this includes your most comfortable black bra and your pair of jeans. This ensures that you smell fresh and nice everyday. You may not have noticed it but your body generates some odour due to sweat and oils making your clothes smell.

5. Shower every day

Well, if you are going to wear clean clothes without showering, you will still smell of sweat. We get that sometimes the weather is not so friendly but if want to smell nice, don’t leave the house without taking a shower.

6. Watch your mouth

Now, even though you showered three times a day, wore fresh clothes but forgot to clean your mouth, it’s all in vain. Brush your teeth, tongue and rinse your mouth with a nice smelling mouthwash. If you have persistent bad breath, seek medical help.

7. And don’t forget your hair as well

This is more so for women and men with long hair. Neglecting your hair will not only attract lice but it can also make you smell. You will want to clean your hair and give your scalp a nice scrub so that it’s always smelling fresh.

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