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Dermatologist top tips for relieving dry skin

By Princess Debrah Avenyoh
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Truth be told, dealing with dry itching skin comes with mental and emotional stress in addition to the cost of treating it.

Having discovered I have dry skin with its association with itching was one thing I did not expect will affect my well-being.

My itching starts in multiple ways, when any form of water touches my skin it begins the itching, being uncomfortable with dirt also kicks it but it improved with time as I understood my body and followed the dermatologist's instructions.

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As a fair person I became dark in treating my dry itching skin, I mean treating it comes with something but in healing time everything gone from your body will return. I will share ways to maintain dry itching skin and dermatologist advice in calming it.

Most individuals appreciate having glowing skin that is smooth and healthy but season changes affect skin types and it is hard to maintain one’s skin especially, dry itching skin is difficult to keep.

According to board-certified dermatologist Tina Alster, dry skin is a result of cold windy weather conditions and hot forced air from heating systems, also it can by using harsh soap, over bathing, and excessive scrubbing of the body.

How to maintain dry skin?

In treating dry itching skin, warm water should be used instead of hot or cold water for bathing, make sure to use non-fragrance soap and body cream, also spend less than five minutes showering and pat your body gently with a smooth towel instead of rubbing.

After the bathing procedure, immediately apply thick cream on a light wet body; Shea butter will do if you don’t have dermatologist's recommendation and sometimes avoid using a sponge, it is helpful to use soap and water to cleanse your body with a sponge in the morning after taking your bath in the evening, it helps reduce peel off of protective cells on the dry skin continuously.

Keep in mind that in applying this instruction be mindful of your body and what works for you. Moreover, when a dermatologist prescribes drugs for treatment make sure to take them before bathing as it reduces the itching.

When to see a dermatologist?

It is advisable to understand one’s dry itching body before visiting a dermatologist. If your dry itching skin does not calm after an effort to maintain do not hesitate to see a dermatologist for medical treatment.