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Men: How to answer "where did you get my number from?"

By Michael Klugey
Men: How to answer
Men: How to answer "where did you get my number from?"
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You might still be single because you failed to answer a simple question, "where did you get my number from?" 

This is one of the hardest questions for boychild in his search for a new catch.

Ladies always set this question to either turn you off or to try and find out your honesty level.

Most men will prefer to end the communication because the person who gave you the phone number warned you not expose him, or you got the number through dubious means.

When she asks you "who gave you my number", it’s time to impress her my boy. Here’s how you do just that.

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Pretend like you didn’t hear her question. Go on with whatever you were talking about. If she insists, tell her “Now you’re boring me, let me just delete your number after all.” Hold your phone, pretend you’re deleting her number and tell her this, “Thanks for not letting me waste my time.” Trust me, you’re killing it. She will be surprised and happy the next time she hears from you.

Tell her, she called you. How else would you get her number? You’re still killing it.

1. Be honest

You must be honest; you never know what quality in a man the girl child is looking for.

However, you must be innovative to keep the conversation going.

If you got the number from a friend, just explain to her.


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2. Be creative

Creativity will help you come past this nightmare.

Flattering her about her beauty, the shape of her body or general look might be a good idea.

After all, who doesn't like to be flattered? Unless she is pissed off with you.


3. Engage her

You should never show that you are too interested or chasing after desperately her, play your cards safe.

Let her know that you are mature and you can run a conversation. 


Credit: havisasa