Men of God who lack interest in sex will go to hell- Lutterodt

By Michael Abayateye
Rev. George Lutterodt

What more can he say? The controversial counselor Rev. George Lutterodt is at it again but this time, has directed his sharp arrow to his fellow men of God.

Rev.Lutterodt, said, some men of God in the country who do not take their sex life with their wives serious are booking their place in hell.


Unperturbed by his “weird” pronouncements that has made him unpopular particularly among the youth, he said on 3FM’s Sunrise Morning Show, Agenda3 that “there are a lot of men of God in this country and beyond that will likely find themselves in hell because they are not having proper sexual intercourse with their wives”. 

He explained, “The act of lovemaking must always end up well just like worshiping God to the climax. 

“If your act doesn’t get to that point then it means you are punishing the person in place”. 

According to him there are some men of God today who are waiting for grace of erection and because of that they are punishing their wives. 

“The Bible says if you don’t live with them with understanding, your prayers will be hindered and I am telling you that some men of God are not anointed because they have not done well with their wives”.