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Signs you are ready to quit your job

By Vincent Ashitey
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We all want to do well at our jobs and earn more promotions and increments. To achieve this we work hard for long hours, try to impress our bosses, and even bear with those colleagues whom we don’t like.

However, what if some signs suggest that it is time to quit your job? Such a situation might emerge because of various reasons, including toxic workplaces, bosses, and colleagues. If you want more clarity on this, here is a look at some signs you are ready to quit your job.

1. You realize you are being undervalued

Wanting a bigger paycheck is one of the top reasons that people decide to quit their jobs. Particularly, in the case of women, a huge pay gap between them and men is the main reason for feeling the need to resign and move to a better-paying job.

2. You don't aspire to be in a senior position

At the beginning of your career, you used to look up to your seniors and wanted to be them. But now you don't have any such aspirations. You already have dark circles under their eyes, you miss spending time with your parents and siblings, and the work pressure is overwhelming. All this ultimately makes you realize, "I don't want this."

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3. You dread going to work

Do you go to sleep every night dreading the next day of work? While it’s normal to have complaints about the workday, if you truly, deeply dread those eight hours at the office, it is time to resign.

4. . You feel like you have no control over your life

Whenever your friends or family ask you when you are going to meet them for dinner, your standard reply is, "I might be late due to an important deadline." Not only this, you are never able to plan your holidays or go on a vacation.

5. The job is causing you physical stress

If the thought of your job is tormenting you with sleepless nights, muscle aches, stomach aches, headaches, and other physical symptoms of stress, these are signs that your job is toxic. You need to ditch such a job to cope with it.

6. You feel bored

Learning keeps us motivated, and when you stop learning, it’s often a sign that you have outgrown your job. If the work that you are doing doesn’t allow you to feel like you are accomplishing or achieving, I think that contributes to boredom.

7. The work environment is negative

A negative environment is toxic. It's hard to feel happy, or even content, in the workplace if your co-workers are constantly complaining and your boss is unhappy. Moreover, a pessimistic atmosphere can even kill the passion you have for your career choice.

Source: timesofindia