Seven things you should avoid on your wedding day

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh

Hello Bride, The morning of your wedding day is filled with lots of anticipation and activities, to ensure you have a flawless, unspoiled day ahead, here are 7 mistakes you should try to avoid.

Personal projects

Don't set an alarm for 4:30 am with an intention to get up early to arrange flowers or any similar arrangement for the wedding day.

You'll be starting off your big day on a very wrong note, and you'll end up severely stressed out.

Honeymoon preparation

This morning is not the time to pack for your honeymoon, Auntie. Pre-pack your bags so you don't have to deal with it right before the wedding day. Besides, the chances of you forgetting something important will only be too high.

Getting a massage or facial

This might seem a bit extreme, but, hey, take nothing away from a woman that is about to marry.

We get it; you want to look absolutely gorgeous and sport a spotless [pun intended] look on your wedding day. And that’s just fine.

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Get all your spa treatment and facials done before the big day though. Your skin might react and eventually ruin the impeccable look you were trying to get, and a massage could make your muscles sore.

You need to be as relaxed as possible on this big day, so stay away from these and other things that might stress you out.

Answering phone-calls

Switch that thing off. If not, it will ring nonstop, and make you a nervous wreck. If you must leave it on, hand it over to someone trusted, maybe a sibling or a maid of honour.

Going on an empty stomach

It's going to be a long, nervy day and it's never a good idea to go through it on an empty stomach. Obviously, you might not be able to eat much given how excited you’ll most likely be [plus there will be lots of butterflies in your stomach, anyway]. However, try hard to eat, at least, a little snack.

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Running late

Ok. This is the one that will most likely get you, which is why it is the one you should avoid by all means.

While you are the centre of attention and the ceremony can’t start without you, it is beyond rude to leave your religious leader, guests, and groom waiting at all.

Worrying about the weather

It is understandable to fret over potential weather surprises, especially during rainy seasons as the one we have now; but remember you can't control nature, so it's best to just relax and coast with whatever happens. One can only hope for the best, right?