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Government must do more on masks

In the President’s last but one COVID-19 address, he reported the startling finding in a Ghana Health Service (GHS) survey that 82 per cent of people in the sample had the ‘overall intention to use a mask’.

Imani Africa: Why CSOs oppose the ‘current’ Agyapa deal


The timeline of 4 months to IPO is problematic unless the Government has surreptitiously filed for listing. To ensure favourable pricing of the offered securities, the timeline for listing any MIIF SPV on any international exchange should be extended to at least April 2021.

Too much freedom for the Judge and his judgement

We’ve left judges and their judgements too idle and for a long time in Ghana. I remember Prof. Atuguba released a research about how supreme court judges decide political cases in Ghana and the judges were instantly up in arms against him and his research. It’s all because our judges have been left untouched for so long such that criticizing them in a research or publication is seen as a “sin”.


If there are any three words that Flt. Lt. Rawlings has made into a flag, with which he has been wrapping himself in the past twenty years or so, they are “probity”, “accountability” and “truth”. He tells everyone that the motivating factors behind the 31 December 1981 coup, (which he also calls, “the spirit of June 4”), was the pursuit of “probity” and “accountability”.

Let’s demand system change now

By this time in the year 2000, John Kufuor led NPP were campaigning with Positive Change and “hwe wo asetena mu na tu aba pa”. Newly established Peace FM and the media, in general, were also blowing the “wind of change”.

Legal implications of COVID-19 on Akuffo-Addo’s tenure

It has become a common concern among students, lawyers, politicians and the wider population about the threat Covid-19 poses to current government of the day should it be impossible for presidential elections to be held within the time stated in the 1992 constitution.

Some accolades for Mahama, too!

After my recent post about how splendidly Nana Akufo-Addo is handling the coronavirus crisis, some NDC wise men, foot soldiers and benighted buffoons have been baying for my blood, calling me all sorts of names – from an inept, hired journalist applauding a fish for swimming to a complete blockhead lacking in analytical skills.