Are resolutions important?

By Michael Abayateye

Over the year’s especially doing this period (New Year), people come out with several resolutions that they hope to hold on to till the end of the year.

Some of the resolutions are inspired by dreams, goals and aspirations but cumulatively they appear to be certain attributes or behaviours people desire to keep in order to achieve certain goals going into the New Year.

Some are realistic or perhaps measurable (to borrow the politician’s terms) while others are basically unrealistic.

In trying to find out whether resolutions are important or not, I run into sachet water seller who tells me that she would become a top model next year and be on the covers of all magazines and on all bill boards across the country and beyond.

”WOW”, But is that really possible with the kind of profession you find yourself? I asked. Then the very confident and ambitious lady said, “everything is possible.”

“HMMM,”Building hopes on everything is possible. Without further questions and leaving her to continue with her business which might lead her to her dreams, or should I say resolutions, I wished her ‘all the best’.

The issue really is, are resolutions based on “everything is possible or people actually work to make their resolutions become reality so they do not repeat the same thing next year.

Like the very popular phrase doing the period. “I will marry this year”, “I will by a car this year,” “I will get a job this year,” and certainly “I will make it this year…this year is my break through.”

These are the comments that would be heard within the period with people putting up certain attitudes. Friends would be kept arm-length while many would be offended by certain comments like “this year I have changed ooo.”

The truth is, Resolutions are commitments people make in a new year but most often they are broken midway through the year.

In order for people to keep up with their resolutions till ‘further notice’ it is important to measure their resolutions by their capabilities and potentials.

Things do not occur in a vacuum and individuals must work towards achieving a particular goal.

Resolutions are good but the biggest challenge is to keep them and ensure they help to achieve something possible.

Interestingly, I have one on my own but would announce it if am able to keep my commitments till next year.

Primenewsghana wishes everyone a Happy New Year and with the resolution of bringing more exclusives and serving audience with the “news when its new.” Happy New Year