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2020 Election: Reinforcement at Odododiodoo as residents unhappy over EC's arrangement

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
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Residents at the Odododiodoo constituency are unhappy over EC's arrangement to split the polling centres at City Engineers polling station.

According to the residents they came in very early but the arrangement will not allow them to vote according to the time they arrived at the polling station.

The City Engineers polling station has been spilt into six centres.

Police reinforcement has been sent to the centre to restore order in the voting process.

Odododiodoo has been marked as one of the flashpoints for this year's general elections.

During the campaigns ahead of today's elections, there was a violent incident at the constituency where some were reported injured after a health walk by the NDC turned bloody.

Party offices of the two parties were vandalised due to the clash but the two parliamentary candidates for the area have pledged to peace.