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Demo against new voters' register will amount to nothing - Danquah Institute

By Wendy Amarteifio
voters' register
Demo against new voters' register will amount to nothing - Danquah Institute
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Policy think-tank, Danquah Institute has pointed out that demonstration by opposing political parties against the compilation of the voters' register is not logical since the EC is mandated by the Consitution to compile a voters' register.

The Institute believes the series of demonstrations by Interparty Resistance Against the Compilation of a new voters' register will ''amount to nothing''.

This comes a day after the coalition of political parties mobilized thousands of Ghanaians to march the principal streets of Kumasi to force the Commission to abandon the idea of compiling a new voters' roll.

Speaking on Starr FM today, the Executive Director of policy think-tank Danquah Institute, Mr Richard Ahiagbah said there is no logic in demonstrating when the Consitution mandates the EC to compile a voters' register. 

''If you are demonstrating, you have a right to demonstrate because the constitution mandates you to demonstrate and this government cannot tell you that no. Police will have to be arrangement provide protection for you to demonstrate also the constitution gives that right to and the same constitution gives EC that right to do a new register. So now, you are demonstrating against somebody's right to do wat the constitution gave that institution to do? It's not logic, how many more demonstrations will you do before you come to realize that it will amount to nothing ?''

He also questioned why the coalition of political parties opposing the creation of a new voters' register is not going to court to challenge the Electoral Commission's decision to compile a new voters' register for the 2020 general elections

''The question is why haven't they gone to court over it? Is because there is no basis. If you go to court , you must have a standing you don't just go to court because you feel you must go? No, the case they are bringing is it valid or a loss that they are suffering because EC is doing a register? This comparison I have heard, there is nothing similar with what the Let My Vote Count did and what the Inter-Party against the voters' register is doing, is totally pointless''.

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The main opposition NDC and other parties against the compilation of new voters' register by the Electoral Commission demonstrated in Kumasi yesterday.

The first protest 'Tikusayi' was to challenge plans of the new register was held at Tamale in the Northern Region. Yesterday's protest by the group was the second and labelled 'Yenpini'.

According to the group, a new register is a waste of taxpayers money and could also create tension since the election is close.

The Electoral Commission, however, insists they will go ahead and create the register despite the disagreement by the parties and civil society organisations.

Again, the Electoral Commission has indicated that the compilation of a new voters' register for the 2020 general elections will begin in April despite the lack of consensus over the matter.

Meanwhile, the founder and leader of the All People's Congress (APC), Dr Hassan Ayariga has stated that the current administration of the Electoral Commission (EC) has no believe in the country's democratic principles.

Mr Ayariga said the current Electoral Commission has failed to allow stakeholder participation in discussion and dialogue of electoral processes in the country. 

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