Fight against vigilantism: NDC, NPP agree for Peace Council to mediate dialogue

By Mutala Yakubu
NDC, NPP agree for Peace Council to mediate dialogue
NDC, NPP agree for Peace Council to mediate dialogue

The New Patriotic Party have written to the Peace Council agreeing to opposition NDC’s call to allow the Council to mediate the process in the fight against vigilantism.

The NDC earlier proposed that the Peace Council mediate the process to ensure the two parties come to a consensus to disband vigilantism.

Though the NPP expressed unhappiness over the NDC’s refusal to set a date and venue for the meeting last week, the party, however, stated its willingness to make the necessary compromise to help find a lasting solution to party militias.

The NPP in a letter to the Council signed by their General Secretary John Boadu on Monday, March 25, 2019, they said they had taken notice of NDC’s request for broader stakeholder engagement including the possibility of having a mediator.


“Whilst the NPP has absolutely no difficulty with their request, we are unsure, firstly, about the nature of the mediation, the extent of the stakeholder engagements, and which stakeholders should be invited, especially because they (the NDC) also suggested that some international organization including the ECOWAS and AU be involved,” the party said.


The party explained that in the midst of their uncertainty, it indicated to the NDC the need for the two of them to first of all meet and agree on modalities for the engagement.


“We, also, in the spirit of goodwill, gave them the option of choosing a venue and deciding on the day in the course of last week, for the preliminary meeting. Regrettably, they never got back to us on the issue of date and venue as we requested,” the NPP said.
According to Mr. Boadu, the NDC wrote back to say it has requested the National Peace Council to moderate the meeting as well as decide on date and venue.

“Whilst this appears to be inconsistent with our request, the NPP is nonetheless willing to make the necessary compromise in relation to the party’s initial position on the matter, and accordingly avail itself for your direction,” the letter stated.


The governing party stated that it has “absolute confidence” in the Council to competently assume the role of moderator in the deliberations and to help find a lasting solution to the canker of party militia.

In response to the letter, Acting Secretary of the Council, George Amoah on Tuesday wrote back to the NDC informing the party of the NPP’s stance on its suggestions as well as their willingness to go ahead with the meeting.

“The chairman wants to assure you that the National Peace Council would follow up with a schedule for the planned engagement in our earliest convenience.