JOY explains why the 2020 Elections is an election of 'Armageddon'

By Clement Edward Kumsah
Jacob Osei Yeboah, Independent Presidential Aspirant

Jacob Osei Yeboah, popularly known as JOY has revealed the upcoming 2020 elections in Ghana will be an election of Armageddon. 

According to JOY, it's going to be Armageddon elections because that election will be no more about NPP and NDC. "The 2020 Election in Ghana is Election of Armageddon. An election, that will be no more about NPP and NDC. Ghanaians will not be interested to choose out of the two devils, or which between the two is more state “stealer”,
corrupt, super incompetent, liar, vigilantes, looter, deceivers, blood-suckers, sasabonsam, Atta Ayi"

The Independent candidate of 2012 and 2016 elections is of the view that, Political Parties in Ghana are unfit to build the nation because their main aim is only to win political power and as such, they are the neo-colonialists hindering the development of Ghana.

"I dare say without equivocation that indeed the Political Parties belong to the OLD IDEAS and unfit even to deepen democracy in Ghana, left alone building a nation. For democracy is not an end but a means to an end of building a nation. Ghana and Africa can be democratically governed without Political Parties. The PP [Political Parties] are only concerned about winning power and they operate currently without any principle even as laid down by their forebears. They are busy and vuvuzela about nothing except the business of deceit, lies, greed, loot, state vampirism and worst off, their operations depict as Nation Wreckers".

Addressing a press conference, Jacob Osei Yeboah, JOY said  "Ghana is still battling against the old ideas that continue to keep Political Parties trammelled in their own greed and gargantuan corruption; the crass stupidities of Political Parties in the 4th Republic lately, continue to breed hatred, fear, inhumanity and polarisation even among own party members and family members".

He added that, For our neocolonial masters (Political Parties), especially the NPP and NDC, during this 4th Republic are rather leading Ghana into the valley of darkness. In this darkness is where sincere ignorance being exhibited by the masses, whilst deceit, gargantuan corruption and conscientious stupidity are being opprobriously perpetrated by the PP. The saddest is the religious adulteration of Islam and Christianity with these Political Parties against the pitiful masses that these noble Abrahamic religions have given hope to in time immemorial in the world. As opined by Jacob Osei Yeboah, “Religiosity in the Ghanaian multi-ethnic society largely has to do with the contractions entailed in the dynamics of trust and deception, good and bad governance, mass indiscipline, mediocre justice and crude injustice.”

JOY stated categorically, that "The 2020 election of Armageddon will rather be an election that the good people even in NDC or NPP will not vote out of political ideological dogma but will vote to give life to this nation. The Political Parties shall not also succeed to use religious dogmatism to deceive Christians and Muslims in Ghana. Patriotic Ghanaians will build greater consciousness in both young Christians and Muslims who will demand nothing but their God-given freedom to succeed in their country"


Speech of JOY 2nd Motion of Destinty.pdf


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