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Mahama warns NDC will not accept results of 'flawed election'

By Mutala Yakubu
John Mahama
John Mahama
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Flagbearer of the Nationale Democratic Congress (NDC) John Mahana says the party will not accept results of flawed elections.

John Dramani Mahama who made the remark at a flag-raising ceremony to commemorate the NDC’s 28th anniversary stressed that while the party strives to ensure that the country remains peaceful and electoral processes go on without challenges, it will only accept the result of elections it sees as credible.

“As a party, we have participated in every election in the 4th republic and we have a history of accepting the results of elections whenever we have believed in the integrity of the poll. As the leader of the NDC, I wish to serve notice that we shall do all in our part to make sure that the country remains peaceful and that the electoral process proceeds smoothly. But, let nobody assume that we will accept the results of a flawed election,” Mahama said.

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He attributed the current controversy over the compilation of a new register to the inefficiency of the “once revered” Electoral Commission (EC), indicating that the conduct the Commission threatens the rights of eligible Ghanaian voters.

“Never have we in the history of this fourth republic experienced a situation where large numbers of our population threatened to be disenfranchised because of the bungling inefficiency and perceived partiality of our once revered electoral commission,” he said.

The NDC is in court with the electoral commission over the EC’s insistence on compiling a new register for the December polls. The party says a new register will disenfranchise majority of voters if the EC insists on passport and Ghana card as main proof of nationality.

Meanwhile, Parliament on Tuesday voted to approve the controversial C.I 126 which gives legal backing to the Electoral Commission to compile a new voter’s register for the December polls.

106 members of the Majority side of the House voted in support of the C.I while 92 opposition MPs opposed it.