Parliament is not for the jobless-former MP

By Michael Abayateye
Reginald Niibi Ayibontey

Former Member of Parliament(MP) for  the Odododiodoo Constituency in Greater Accra, Reginald Niibi Ayibontey had advised parliamentarians to ensure they have a job to sustain them when they are no more in the legislature.

According to the former MP, challenges while in Parliament remain even when they are no more members of the house. 

Speaking on Citi FM 's Big Issue program, he said, people go into Parliament very rich but live a life of poverty after Parliament "which is very sad".

"Life in Parliament is very easy as you get whatever you want in terms of travels and allowances but as soon as you leave Parliament, all those benefits are no more", he stated. 

He said former MPs nevertheless, must put up a presence as people will continue to invite them to grace their programs and make donations. 

"After leaving Parliament in 2005, I still have to look for schools for people and cater for some people in my constituency ", he stated. 

The pressure from the community he said is sometimes unbearable for MPs as they are always confronted with issues in their communities, and this does not change much when they cease to be MPs.

Niibi Ayibontey, said people sometimes take advantage to seek for assistance on false claims while others have genuine problems. 

He advised sitting MPs to ensure they have businesses and other sources of income to sustain their standard of life after their term.