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My mistake, my cross

By primenewsghana
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It was one of those challenging days yet again. Kobby returned home late and wet; the rains decided to compound his woes.

Kobby walked through the rains gallantly with no thought of his own, it was always about Aba, the Love of his life.

It was a difficult thing for Kobby not being able to give Aba, a good living. He loved her so much and she knows it. Albeit, he knew love was always going to be sweeter with money and gifts; which he couldn't afford for the past six months after he lost his job.

Aba sat on the parapet on the veranda waiting for her King as she affectionately called him.

Kobby noticed from a distance that something was up in the air. What could it possibly be this time?. He asked himself. It has always been evident that, a woman who turns into a body guard on your corridor with a gloomy face, is prepared to meet you with an unwelcome notice.

There was no welcome for Kobby; now he can confirm there was fire on the mountain.

Aba: "Kobby we need to talk" (That statement in itself was another bombshell for Kobby)

Kobby: (speaking to himself) Wahala don come oooo. What have I done this time round. Ah well! Let me hear her. Maybe those silly neighboors had offended her again.

Aba: Kobby, I've been thinking a lot these days. I've been with you, a year and a half now but nothing seems to be coming forth. My colleagues are enjoying their lives out there and I've been reduced to a laughing stock among my colleagues.

I've never told you this, but I'm considering quitting this relationship. You could hardly, afford three square meals a day of late.

You're not responsible enough. I know you love me, but love alone will not make things work in this relationship. I have packed my things and I want to leave. Maybe, if I leave there'll be a mouth less to feed and I can't remain like this mess.

(Kobby was shocked for the first time in this relationship)

Kobby: Just like that, you expect me to leave you, no way. Baby I understand your frustrations but things will turnout well sooner. These are our nights of sorrows; joy will replace it in the morning.

Aba: No woman will like to eat a bread of sorrow, when she can get a fufu of joy. Kobby, if you love me obey my commandment like Jesus said and let me go.

Kobby: Go where? You know no one in this city. I brought you here from the village.

Aba: I have made friends in this city and they're prepared to welcome me in their homes.

Kobby: (In shock and heartbroken and no early reduced to tears) Definitely, I love you and I will always love you that's why I brought you all the way from the village. You knew nowhere and had nothing but I gave you everything. Can you spell out, the main reason to your conclusion?

Aba: Kobby, you're now broke nigga. You can't take care of me like before. You brought me from the village, Yes. But in life we need to move forward. So please let me do so.

Kobby: You've soon forgotten how we use to float like a balloon. I could've done more than you expected of me if I hadn't lost my job, but I can't force you to remain with me. I'm happy you knew that I love you. I assure you, that you have taken a bold step of irrevocable mistake.

Aba: Thank you! Please don't be calling me. I'll be in a serious relationship by then.

(Kobby watched Aba walk through the door after the rains, and was really astonished and very pitiful)

Kobby: Someone I took from a village could overly become this thing. True character is seen in moments of challenges. All we see is not all there is.

(Three months later Kobby encounters Aba at the entrance of a popular mall in their city).

Kobby: Hello Aba. It has been three months since you left me. You're looking great. You couldn't even called me to say Hi. You've blocked my number also.

Aba: Thanks for that compliment. You're looking terrible as usual. Kobby make money. I'm here to do some shopping with my new boyfriend. I hope you have not been chasing me down to this place too.

Kobby: Wow Aba. Why do you hate me so much after all I did for you?. I gave you everything until I lost my job. Even if you don't love me anymore respect me.

Aba: Alright, Mr. Respect I'm sorry but please leave before my boyfriend sees us. He makes GHS 2,500.00 at least, that is a GHS 1,000.00 more than your salary then.

(Tony, Aba's new catch approached)

Tony: Who is this guy Babe? Seems you knew each other already.

Aba: He is longtime friend. Seems he also came to pick some items but I told him I was with my boyfriend. Kobby meet my Boo Tony.

Kobby: Nice meeting you Sir. I'm her friend and it has been seven years since we met.

Tony: It is a pleasure meeting you Kobby. Seven years is a lot, that's a very longtime. Are you not the new owner of this mall?

Kobby: Yes I am.

Tony: Aba, I told you someone had bought this mall exactly a week ago. It's this gentleman, so nice meeting you.

Aba: (with a gloomy face) Kobby owns this mall worth 1 million dollars? How possible?

Kobby: Aba, exactly three months ago a demon; daughter of Jezeebel, Athalia and Delilah I took from a village called Nsempi left me. It was the greatest deliverance of my life. Exactly, three hours after on that very day that the demon departed, I received a call from the UAE consulate.

Apparently, my Arabian Billionaire friend I helped seven years ago with translation when he wanted to establish his business in this city touched down and had been looking for me. After hearing my plight; he offered me $2 million dollar cheque, bought a house and a car for me. T

his mall belongs to him and he decided to put it up on sale so I decided to buy it from him. Again he chose to give it to me with no conditions so that I can account to him.

Ironically, that daughter of Jezeebel also bares the name Aba. Now she is hovering around a guy making GHS 2,500.00 a month with some rickety car. I saw them once in my mall and it was a pleasure meeting them. I pray your Sweet Aba my longtime friend doesn't carry the same spirit of "Aba-ism".

(Tony could not discern that Aba and Kobby were former lovers).

Tony: This my Aba is very nice. As a matter of fact, she broke up with her former boyfriend three months ago because he was a cheat and beat her often. So I asked her to come live with me.

Kobby: Wow Aba, I want you to love Tony with your heart. Never look back, there'll be no place there for you. Thanks for taking care of her.

Aba: (with tears in her eyes) I will Kobby, I will. Your story has touched me.

(Aba hugs Kobby in tears in front of Tony and whispers in Kobby's ears.)


Kobby: (Whispers back to Aba) I will, I will. I am sorry to. I wished I could have taken you back but someone also loves you. I can't hurt another man for my interest. Love him like you can have no other.

Tony: I love your friendship. This is what happens when friends meet again after a very longtime.

By: Pacome Emmanuel Damalie