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When my husband caught me having an affair with my daughter's maths tutor

By primenewsghana
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My husband has forever been rude, impatient and boastful. The only reason I did not leave him was because of our daughter and our families.

We both were forced to marry each other because our fathers had made a business pact.

That’s how it works in our families and I absolutely hate it. I never got a chance to be with somebody I loved. But I wasn’t someone who would back down.

I never got love from my husband and he never told me why he couldn't love me.

My daughter's maths tutor was a very sweet guy. I noticed him catching glances often.

One day, when my nanny was looking after my daughter, I invited him to stay back for a cup of tea.

When the cook came in with tea, we were having a steady chat about how my kid was performing.

He was young, charming and nerdy; just the type I always felt attracted to.

I suppose it wasn’t very uncommon for ladies in our class to have an affair since our men were busy tending to their businesses and flings and I knew, my husband was no different.

And so, my affair began. I felt little or no guilt because I was finally getting some love and attention from a person who knew how to make love to a woman. T

his maths tutor was incredibly sexy and he had a passionate fire within him that made me feel all things erotic.

And when no one was home, we both would have the best time ever. I made sure every household help was tight-lipped because I couldn’t risk my husband getting to know about our affair.

God knows what he would do!

But I kept going on. The risky affair was enough to make me feel alive and in love.

At 36, I found love and passion. And that made me feel the happiest.

But as fate and every typical affair story would have it, my husband caught me.

My lover and I were texting each other our fantasies with some steamy pictures when I heard my husband and daughter come back home.

They were early. I quickly went to greet them and kept my bed in our bedroom.

I was trying to engage them in a conversation but my husband went upstairs wanting to use the washroom. I got scared and followed him.

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He had my phone in his hand and was scrolling through it. I was flabbergasted. Shocked. Scared. How could I make such a mistake!

The text messages were extremely explicit. I was so scared that he would do something to me, or worse, to my lover. But to my surprise, he calmly asked me, “who knows about this?”

I said no one. He threw the phone to the ground, smashing it to pieces and ran his fingers through his hair, frustrated.

He then said, “I don’t want our daughter to be affected and nobody should nobody know about this.

I don’t care what you do, but our reputation as a family shouldn’t be at stake or else, it’ll be at the cost of both your heads.” What he said, gave me chills.

I stayed silent, but was relieved that he didn’t care about it at all. Our marriage was anyways a fake one.

What difference would it make if my husband had cared? None.

I was happy that he had no problem with the affair, provided I kept it under wraps. And I knew I could keep it all quiet.