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GFA Presidency: Palmer reports members of NC to FIFA

By Vincent Ashitey
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According to Osei, these members of the committee- Dr Kofi Amoah, Naa Odofoley Nortey, Frank Davies and Emmanuel Dankwah- have committed certain breaches against the regulations of the GFA and that FIFA should take the necessary action against these people.

In the letter, Osei highlights how Dr Amoah used his office to disqualify him from the GFA Elections.

The letter also stated that Madam Nortey and Messrs Davis and Dankwah breached rules in relation to conflict of interest and abuse of position in the discharge of duties.

Osei’s letter to FIFA is the latest taken by him in response to his disqualification from the GFA Presidential race by the NC and the Vetting Committee.

He has sent a petition to CAF, FIFA and the Court of Arbitration for Sport for these entities to look into his disqualification and bring a resolution to the matter

Below is the full letter:

I write to formally complain to you about breaches of the FIFA code of ethics by the following officials of the Ghana Football Association. They are:

Dr. Kofi Amoah, President of the Normalization Committee/ Elections Committee of the Ghana Football Association
Naa Odofoley Nortey, a member of the Normalization Committee/ Election Committee of the Ghana Football Association
Mr. Frank Davies, Chairman of the vetting Committee of the Ghana Football Associatiion
Mr. Emmanuel Darkwah, a Member of the vetting Committee of the Ghana Football Association.
Basis of Complaint

Article 13(2), (3), (4): General Duties
In an intercepted audio, Dr. Kofi Amoah is heard engaging in conduct that undermines the integrity of his office. A copy of the audio is attached. In the said audio Dr. Kofi Amoah threatened to take action against the candidacy of Mr. Wilfred Kwaku Osei whose intentions to contest elections for the office of President of GFA was well known.

The transcript of DR KOFI AMOAH is as follows:

Now this guy Palmer!! You signed an agreement in your signature on your club’s letterhead that you are about to transfer! Sell some guy and whatever you gain you pay percentage to the FA.

Which is in the regulations on the matter? You sold the guy for 3million and refused to pay the 10% to the FA so where is the integrity of entering into agreement an agreement which which the congress Ghana Football has so why are you not paying ? AND YOU WANT TO COME AND BECOME PRESIDENT I called him personally it was that time we wanted the money… Am going to take action.

Dr. Kofi Amoah has succeeded in disqualifying Mr. Osei, an action he promised and delivered on the promise.

The behaviour of Dr. Amoah as captured in the audio was improper. He came across as one without dignity, integrity, credibility and ethics.

Article 15: Duty of loyalty
The behaviour of Dr. Amoah as captured in the audio recording was in complete breach of his fiduciary duty to the Ghana Football Association and Tema Youth Sporting Club.

In the said audio tape, he was heard discussing a transaction involving the Ghana Football association and Tema Youth Sporting Club with third parties in a blatant display of his power and influence. That behaviour was in breach of the trust he owed to the Federation and the club involved in the transaction.

III. Article 16: Confidentiality

Dr Amoah failed or refused to recognize that he had a duty of confidentiality. He could not under any circumstances discuss such sensitive issues with third parties. But he did believing he had unlimited powers to do whatever pleases him.

Article 25: Abuse of Position
Dr Kofi Amoah engaged the services of Davies & Davies, an Accra based law firm to demand from Tema Youth Sporting Club the payment of 10% of the transfer of player Joseph Paintsil. The same lawyers represented Dr Kofi Amoah in the pending divorce case in court between him and his wife. The decision was taken to offer him a private benefit or gain.

Article 19: Conflicts of interest
Naa Odofoley is a partner in Beyuo & Associates, a law firm contracted by the Ghana football Association to defend the GFA in the case of Roy Arthur v. Ghana Football Association.

Article 25: Abuse of position
Naa Odofoley referred the High Court case in SUIT NO. GJ 0058/2020: Roy Arthur v. GFA to her law firm to take advantage of her position for private gain. Beyuo & Associates has never represented the GFA.

Article 19: Conflicts of interest
The two (2) gentlemen work in the same law firm, Davies and Davies. Their law firm was contracted by Dr Kofi Amoah to write a letter to Tema Youth and demand the payment of ten percent of the transfer fee of player JOSEPH PAINTSIL from Hungary to Belgium.

The same two (2) gentlemen sat on the election Committee of the GFA and participated in the decision that disqualified Mr. Wilfred Kwaku Osei as a candidate for the election of the President of the GFA.

One of the grounds for his disqualification was the failure of Tema Youth Sporting Club to pay the ten percent of the transfer fee of Joseph Paintsil.

Article 82 of the GFA Disciplinary Code frowns on his conduct.


Please review the facts and prevailing law and apply the necessary sanctions.

Source: Citisportsonline