Hazard is feared by many defenders

By Michael Abayateye
Hazard is splendid on one-on-one situations


Wingers have always been the best players. From Stanley Matthews to Ryan Giggs, supporters have always enjoyed watching the winger humiliate the full back.

The best players are those who can run at pace with the ball. When Eden Hazard is in the mood, he is a defender's nightmare.

For a winger, it used to be all about beating players and putting in a cross, but when you play centrally and beat someone you are through on goal. 

Hazard is a captivating talent and if he turns up, he cannot be stopped.He is the one player defenders fear the most in a one-v-one situation and I don't see too many equipped to deal with him.

Hazard has lightning acceleration and is a cute player. He does a U-turn in a flash before anyone can adjust.

He is up there with the likes of Gareth Bale, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Neymar but never gets mentioned in that group because he has not been consistent for long enough.

Last season I thought he was taking too long in possession. It was as if he wanted people to look at him and admire him on the ball.

Now there is more directness and he is making things happen. He is running at defenders and before they can work out what he might do, he has gone past three players. 

Hazard reminds me of Marc Overmars. He never got the credit he deserved for his sheer blinding pace but defenders were pleased to see the back of him when he left Arsenal. 

He was so quick it was as if someone picked him up and put him somewhere else!

Hazard is a joy to watch. Antonio Conte deserves the plaudits for getting this incredible talent to play at the level we know he can. Mail Online