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How to edit WhatsApp messages on Android and iOS

By Primenewsghana
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WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging service owned by Meta, has fulfilled a long-standing user request by introducing the capability to edit sent messages.

In a recent blog post, WhatsApp announced the global rollout of this new feature, which has now become available to users in Ghana.

The ability to edit messages after sending them can prove invaluable in rectifying typographical errors and minimizing misunderstandings. This latest update brings greater convenience and flexibility to WhatsApp users, enabling them to effortlessly modify their previously sent messages.

For those curious about how to take advantage of this new functionality, here is a guide on editing WhatsApp messages, empowering users to enhance their communication experience even after sending a message.

How to Edit WhatsApp Messages

- Long press on a message that has already been sent, which needs to be edited.

- On the drop-down menu that opens, select or tap on ‘edit’

- This will open a floating text editor in front of you, where you can rectify a message that you have sent already

- Tap on ‘confirm’ to save the edited message

- An ‘edited’ tag will appear below your message, confirming that your changes have been saved

However, the editing capability on WhatsApp is time-limited. Users can edit their messages in personal and group chats for a 15-minute duration. 

Within this timeframe, unlimited edits are allowed, but messages sent prior to this period cannot be modified.

WhatsApp clarified in a statement that edited messages will be clearly marked with an 'edited' label, ensuring that recipients are aware of the correction without revealing the edit history. The platform also guarantees end-to-end encryption for the protection of messages, media, and calls, as is the case with all personal conversations.


The controversy surrounding 'edit' features

Allowing users to edit WhatsApp messages, a challenge that Twitter has grappled with for an extended period, raises concerns about the authenticity and integrity of content, with the risk of manipulation. 

While the addition of an 'edited' tag on modified messages addresses part of the issue, Twitter has long argued that permitting users to edit publicly published statements could facilitate misinformation and content manipulation, posing potential risks to social and political safety.

WhatsApp boasts a vast user base globally, with reports estimating over 2.4 billion users worldwide, including more than 480 million in India alone. Considering that India is WhatsApp's largest market, the introduction of the 'edit' feature holds significant implications in the context of content manipulation.