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Bristol Palin loses custody of second child

Bristol and mum Sarah Palin
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This is definitely not a good year to be Bristol Palin. The daughter of America’s one-time politician turned TV star is already being sued for custody and child support by Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer over their daughter Sailor Grace. Both parties have worked out a custody agreement, and only the issue of child support remains.


And that means Bristol has now lost twice because ex-fiance Levi Johnston just won custody of their son Tripp after a seven-year-long court battle that cost Johnston $100,000 in court and attorney fees to win.

According to The Daily Beast:

The Palin family reportedly made it very difficult for Johnston to see his son following his widely publicized break-up with the former Alaska governor’s daughter in 2010, ending a tumultuous on-again-off-again young romance.

They had agreed to a custody arrangement in 2010 but because the courts didn’t finalize the agreement, Bristol reneged on the deal and kept custody of Tripp all to herself.

After that, Bristol Palin continued to collect child support payments, which Johnston says amount to $50,000 total, while she became a paid spokesperson for an abstinence-only campaign, making $262,000 in 2009 alone. And then she got a $100,000 payday by selling her story to In Touch Weekly. And Palin owned a $400,000 modern lakefront home in Alaska.

In a Facebook post that has since been deleted, Johnston wrote that he is happy to have Tripp in his life again and that having his child again was worth every dime he paid to fight for him in court. I bet it was worth it to see Bristol lose, too.

Bristol Palin brought this entirely upon herself. No doubt she believed she was bulletproof because her mom is the most famous idiot alive. But now she has been taken to court twice by two different men and has lost. Now would probably be a good time for Bristol Palin to slink away out of the spotlight to prevent further embarrassment.