Canada’s PM calls Trump ‘Racist Bastard’

Trump and Trudeau
Trump and Trudeau

Donald Trump is widely known for his racism and his discrimination against certain races. Canada’s Prime Minster, Justin Trudeau, fears the influence of Donald Trump in his country, and has stated to us that he will not tolerate racism in Canada. Trump, previously this year, has told us of his plans to exterminate Mexicans and Muslims from America. His racist viewpoints on different cultures has shocked not only us, but Canada’s leader, Justin Trudeau.

In a more recent interview, Trudeau was asked about Donald Trump’s controversial announcements. It looks as if, Trudeau seems to be on the same page with the rest of us as he crudely stated, “I think what that racist bastard has said thus far, is unbelievable. We’re all human, we all have the same features, we all feel emotions, I just don’t get how he can single out a couple of races for some idiotic stereotypes.” This was said not so long after Donald Trump’s sarcastic Facebook post, regarding hispanics.

“Furthermore, the skill to collaborate with others in essential in a leader. Trump cannot, as a world leader, block out many others in the world because of his own arrogance. He promises to make America great again, but we all know he just wants to make America white again.

I say, diversity in a country only makes it more powerful, and skilled. I will make Canada even greater than it was before, but to do so, I have to rely on the assistance of others.” “I know for a fact, I will not allow the different races and religions in Canada, separate us from one another.”

Shortly before the interview came to an end, Trudeau had one last message to declare, “I am proud to say Canada is a country who judges a person not by the race, religion or sexual orientation they are involved with, but by the content of their character” reports