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Peeved British dad fined $80 pays in pennies

By www. Primenewsghana .com

A British dad fined about $80 for taking his child on a vacation during the school term protested the fee by paying it entirely in pennies(coins).

The man had a friend film as he carried the bags of pennies -- 1-pence and 2-pence pieces - into his local council office in Telford, England, and dumped them out on a desk.

"I was fined by the local authority for taking my child on holiday during the term time," the dad wrote. "When I called up to explain there is no specific law, the person on the phone had quite a rude attitude, so I went one better and changed the fine sum into penny pieces." 

"I went into my local council office and tipped the entire amount onto the counter," he wrote according to


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