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Police and army abuses criticised in Nigeria

By Mutala Yakubu
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Amnesty International in Nigeria is urging state security agencies not to “abuse their powers” when it comes to enforcing movement restrictions across the country.

Videos have been circulating online of citizens out on the streets being beaten by law enforcement agencies.

Nigeria's Inspector of General Police has warned officers to behave “humanely, tactfully and professionally”, and said staff conduct would be monitored closely.

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The army's chief of staff meanwhile has been told by Senator Dino Meyaleto discipline soldiers who are "taking the law into their own hands".

The politician said he’d heard reports of people being shot in parts of the country and said that it needed to stop before “it becomes a riotous situation”.

Reports say an inmate of Kaduna prison in northern Nigeria died following rioting triggered by coronavirus fears.

Source: BBC