Video: Man holds funeral for his late dog in the Volta Region

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh

“The dog 23-years-old belonged to my late mother. It stayed with her for 11 years and it has been 12 years since she passed on."

That’s according to Stephen Atatsithe in the Volta regional town of Ehi near Sogakope who organised a grand funeral for his dog over the weekend.

The funeral saw dignitaries, including traditional rulers, who came from far and near to give the "historical dog" called Forfoe, a befitting sending off.

There was a 26-page Order of Service with the biography of the dead dog, which was distributed to mourners.

Stephen Atatsithe said a group of mourners from South Africa heard about the sad incident and decided to come to Ghana to join the funeral.

Although Mr Atatsithe was unwilling to disclose the amount of money he spent on the funeral, he was happy people donated towards the funeral.

“Somebody donated a cow and another person donated a pig to be killed for the event,” he disclosed.

He noted there was nothing wrong for the animals to be killed in honour of Forfoe as “God has given us dominion over those things [animals].”

Watch the video below: