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Challenges with UNIPASS will lead to revenue loss - Freight Forwarders

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
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Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders says the delay in resolving the issues associated with the UNIPASS will lead to revenue loss.

Last week challenges with the UNIPASS system to clear goods electronically forced freight forwarders at the Takoradi Port in the Western Region to go back to the manual valuation.

According to reports, the current manual processing of valuation documents has resulted in long queues and delays in clearing of goods. The UNIPASS system has created inefficiencies in goods clearance, despite the strenuous denials by Ghana Link, the operator of the new system.

While importers are not able to access their Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) and other registration details in the new system, the system handlers themselves are having challenges with manifest declaration, handling and processing.

President for the Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders Edward Akrong said piloting UNIPASS at the Tema port will lead to a lot of issues.

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According to him, there will be revenue loss if the issues are not resolved.

"I went on the ground and saw this, mind you any form of delay is revenue delayed. Because it will take a longer time to go valuations and it means I have held on to revenue that has to come to government..., if I delay the submission of...then it means that I can't do a declaration and I cannot pay so that is revenue delayed. If these delays continue and the issues are not resolved it will have a serious effect on revenue collection..."

He noted that there is no other way around the issues but rather the challenges need to be resolved.