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Discrepancies in data provided by NABCO staff delaying their allowances-Dr Anyars

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
NABCO beneficiaries

Chief Executive of the Nation Builders Corps, NABCO, policy Dr. Ibrahim Anyars has attributed the delay in the payment of the beneficiaries of the policy to discrepancies in the data they provided.

According to him, they do not take an interest in delaying the salaries of the beneficiaries.

“We have no interest in delaying the salaries of NaBCo beneficiaries. Some have delays in salary because they’ve not followed the necessary instructions. I want to assure all who have their data intact that they’ll have their January salaries paid.”

Some staff of NABCO are yet to receive their January and February allowances, some of the staff today picket at the secretariate of the policy arguing that they heard that those on the policy and are yet to be posted have received their allowances but those working have not.

Speaking to Starr FM, Dr Ibrahim Anyars said due to some challenges faced by the policy, beneficiaries will receive new contracts that will specify when they are due to exit the program.

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He said the programme, which currently employees some 99,000 youth, has faced challenges with beneficiaries leaving the policy without notifying their respective offices.

“We have some challenges with the beneficiaries especially those who exit the scheme without informing us. By January this year, some people exited the scheme because of some recruitment opportunities in the government sector. By the end of this month, I believe, NABCO trainees to receive a new contract. The new one will tell them exactly when they would be exiting the program after being on it for a while”.

He also noted the scheme is resorting technology to improve monitoring and efficiency.

“We have tasked every trainee to ensure that they get a smartphone to follow our online training programs as well. We are introducing a NaBCo app that will help us assess beneficiaries as they send us reports on work done. All beneficiaries are to have the App. We already have the first quarter results. We noticed there were people who were on two schemes. There were some people who were doing their National Service or under the National Youth employment program and that shouldn’t happen”. Ghana News