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We are not responsible for the 2018 revenue shortfall: GPHA to GRA

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
GPHA boss, Michael Luguje

The Acting Director-General of the Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, GPHA, Michael Luguje says they are not responsible for the Ghana Revenue Authority’s, GRA, revenue shortfall for 2018.

He said GPHA has no direct role in the revenue generation of GRA, therefore they cannot be blamed for the revenue shortfall.

The Commissioner of Customs at GRA, Isaac Crentsil attributed the shortfall in revenue for 2018 to some loopholes at the port making it easy for illegal activities to thrive.

He stated that the customs division of GRA loss over 2billion Ghana Cedis of which 70 per cent is to illegal port activities.

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“When you look at the revenue figures that we have for last year 2018, we lost much, the custom division of the Ghana Revenue Authority fall short of over 2billion Ghana Cedis revenue loss and almost 70% is attributed to illegal activities”.

But in reaction to the comment of the GRA, Michael Luguje said the revenue generation of GRA depends more on the volume and value of cargo imported into Ghana.

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According to Mr. Luguje, honest declaration of imported cargo in terms of quantities and values for correct computation of taxes are also important as well as vigilance by customs to curtail under-invoicing and tax evasion.

Highlighting some roles of the authority, Mr. Luguje explained that the GPHA is responsible for providing adequate port facilities to handle import and export ships and cargoes through the ports, while deploying relevant ICT systems to facilitate ships and cargo clearance.

In addition to the above Mr. Luguje said they provide security to ensure import cargoes are protected from theft and exit from the ports without payment of duties. Ghana News/ Latest News