2018 Ghana Beverage Awards: Check full list of winners

By Richmond Thompson
2018 Ghana Beverage Awards winners: Check full list
2018 Ghana Beverage Awards winners: Check full list

The 2018 Ghana Beverage Awards have already awards was held yesterday March 22, 2019 at the Kempinki hotel in Accra.

The third edition of the Ghana Beverage Awards was under the theme: Drink Ghana, Inspiring Excellence in Ghana’s Beverage Industry. 

The award is structured to honor and recognize excelling beverage companies in Ghana, both local and international brands.

Ghana Beverage Awards, organized by Global Media Alliance, is aimed at celebrating and inspiring the beverage industry in Ghana.

Below are the winners of the 2018 Ghana Beverage Awards.

New Beverage of the Year – Kpoo Keke

Fruit Juice of the Year – Blue Skies

Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) – Cocacola 

International Spirit of the Year – Jameson

Beer of the Year – Guinness

Bitters of the Year – Alomo Bitters

Liquoring of the Year – Kpoo Keke

Spirit of the Year – Castle Bridge

Ciders/RTD of the Year – Orijin Beer 

Energy Drinks of the Year – Storm Energy Drink

Cocoa/Chocolate/Dairy product of the Year – VitaMilk

Water of the Year – Bel-Aqua

CSR Company of the Year – Twellium Company 

International Beer of the Year – Heineken Beer

Manufacturing of the Year – Kasapreko 

Product of the Year – Storm Energy Drink

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