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Men are so cheap, they can’t reject s3x - Shugatiti reveals

By Michael Klugey
Men are so cheap, they can’t reject sex - Shugatiti reveals
Men are so cheap, they can’t reject sex - Shugatiti reveals

A popular Ghanaian socialite and professional nudist, Shugatiti has said that men are so cheap and promiscuous that they can’t even reject sex when offered. 

Shugatiti who is renowned for flaunting her raw body on Instagram in the name of attracting ‘clients’ to patronise her ‘goodies’ posted on her Instagram story that;

Ask a man for sex and they will never say ‘No’ they are so cheap and covetous just like the way they collected Apples from us making us suffer childbirth and Menstrual pains. Please, guys, learn how to say No! Now, Will, you like to s*ck breast?” 

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About Shugatiti

 Here’s Shugatiti, a freelance photo model whose style of fashion is making guys on social media go nuts.

Shugatiti is a very beautiful young Ghanaian lady who uses her greatest assets like her breasts and her round ass to promote bikinis.

It is also rumoured that some guys use her pictures to masturbate whenever they miss their partners.

Here are some of the photos on her Instagram that show that Shugatiti really enjoys what she does.


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