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MP's and footballers offer me $1,000 to have a feel of my boobs - Pamela Odame

By Michael Klugey
MP's and footballers offers me $1,000 to have a feel of boobs - Pamela Odame
MP's and footballers offers me $1,000 to have a feel of boobs - Pamela Odame

Popular Instagram model, Pamela Odame Watara has revealed that Ministers, Members of Parliament (MPs) and renowned footballers are harassing her and offering $ 1,000 just to have a feel of her huge boobs. 

Pamela Odame Watara who was all over social media platforms in Ghana for obvious reasons after she was exposed in a recent interview on her educational background disclosed that some of the above personalities personally send her messages requesting she gives them an opportunity to have a feel of her boobs in return for $1,000 dollars but she turns them away because she is not a commercial sex worker.

“I am being harassed by a lot of men because of the size of my boobs. Sometimes people offer as much as $1000 just to have a feel. If I show you text messages as well as WhatsApp messages you will be shocked.

"These are popular and respectable persons in Ghana including two politicians, MPs and footballers”, she revealed.

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She further stated that ”these are MPs and Ministers but I have not yielded to their demands because I have a boyfriend. If they will give me the amount for free, I will gladly accept but in return for my boobs, it is a big no”

Pamela says she is interested in men older than her who can direct her and not guys of her age.

“I need someone who is about 10 or 15 years older than me. I need men not boys. news