Video: Sarkodie is not just an artiste but... - Hamamat

By Michael Klugey
Sarkodie is not just an artiste but... - Hamamat
Sarkodie is not just an artiste but... - Hamamat

Ghanaian model and a former Miss Malaika Queen, Hamamat Montia has heap praises on Sarkodie saying the rapper is not just an artiste but he is a spiritual present to Ghanaians. 

Sarkodie for some time now has taken it upon himself to visit various Ghanaian owned businesses projecting made in Ghana products to the world market.

The 'Can't Let You Go' hitmaker after his visit to Kantanka Automobile Company Limited shared a video on his social media page of his visit to Hamamat African Village owned by the former Miss Malaika Queen, Hamamat Montia.

Sarkodie in his Instagram post shared his 12 years relationship with Hamamat and how the Queen has been of great support to his brand even when nobody knew him,However, Hamamat Montia reacting to Sarkodie's visit said that she has been a huge fan and for her Sarkodie is not just an artiste but rather a spiritual present to Ghanaians.   


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