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Of hereditary jobs and politics

Of hereditary jobs and politics: A few days ago, I watched a video clip of an angry young woman threatening hell and damnation against the President of the Republic.

Yaa Naa Rides to Yani: A Saga of Restoration

When the Namo Naa, Lord of the Drummer-Poets, senses in his spirit the rise of a new Yaa Naa, a new verse rises in his ears and he can feel the hairs bristle on the ancient skins of Sitobu.

Menzgold CEO NAM1 is a hero; invest in any new scheme he introduces

Depending on whom I have spoken to since the beginning of the end of Menzgold, I’ve either believed strongly that it was a deliberate diabolic scheme to dupe unsuspecting (or in the words of the Finance Minister, "greedy") investors, or it was a genuine effort to set up a novel gold trading business, different from anything regulators and industry experts had ever envisaged, and share the wealth accrued for everyone’s benefit.

Journalism fails, 'Africa Rising'

Thursday January 10, 2019, Accra: The media must resume its prime responsibility of education and promotion of economic development and reduce the shouting, fake news, name calling and lying associated with the political diatribe that now dominates the media space, says Mr Ken Thompson, Chief Executive Officer of Dalex Finance.

Why we have husband beaters today

Men who abuse their wives are usually passive and dependent individuals. They find it difficult to express emotions and to deal with anger in nonviolent ways. Often, they did not have a close relationship with their mothers.

FIFA World Cup Time Travel: Opportunity for Africa and Timing for Spain

Africa hosted the World Cup for the first time in 2010 and we can remember the Waka Waka song of Shakira. The World Cup turned out to be extra special for her as she found her partner Gerard Pique, the defender, while they were shooting for the album. But many did not like the incident of a Colombian singer singing for Africa!

Ebony died from an accident, not depression

The death of Ghana’s sensational dancehall artist has generated a lot of debate on the airwaves and I believe the time is ripe for us to put aside sentiments and look at the cause of her death in a dispassionate fashion.

Investing in Africa’s next stage of growth

There are many ways to measure development in a region, a country or even a continent. Freedom, prosperity, health and stability are all pillars of progress, and opportunity is the foundation.

Death in the Frying Pan

In the 21st century one would have expected more improvement in the appreciation of health our needs.

The courage to make positive change

According to a recent Oxfam report, just eight men have the same wealth as half the world’s population. In many places, inequality is growing and widening the gap between the richest and the poorest.

From an ‘Onaapo’ Christmas to ‘worst Christmas ever’: A tale of deceitful change!

Just a year ago, around this same time, Christmas was buzzing around Ghana. Such was the pomp and pageantry in the country, that the only ones that were left out of the Merry of Christmas were NDC faithfuls, like myself, who were grieving, and struggling to come to terms with our painful loss in an election we were ever-so confident of winning, given our impressive record of governance under John Dramani Mahama.

MANASSEH'S FOLDER: A love letter to Ebony

Dear Ebony, Our wise elders once said the rat which makes its abode by the popular village path is either extremely courageous or a speedster. In the same way, it takes more than courage for a married man to openly write a love letter to another woman.

Kumasi Academy to Celebrate 60 Years of Holistic Baptist Education

Deep in the heart of Ashanti Region is a serene space cultivating students since 1957. Equipped with one of the best science laboratories in the country [in that era] and a flourishing greenery,  Kumasi Academy, KUMACA, is a lasting legacy. One of the beautiful architectures of the School is it's beautiful, round Science Laboratory building -- it is the Mecca of academic excellence.