#NMSQ2019 Day 1 : Chemu, Kpando SHS progress as Apam stops Winneba SHS

By Wendy Amarteifio
2019 NMSQ
#NMSQ2019 Day 1 : Chemu, Kpando SHS progress as Apam stops Winneba SHS

The day one of the preliminaries of the 2019 National Maths and Science quiz NMSQ has ended with Apam SHS knocking out Winneba SHS with 62 pts progressing to the one-eighth stage of the competition.

To begin the first contest of the competition, Apam Senior High knocked out Winneba Senior high school down in one of the two opening contests of the 2019 National Science and Maths quiz.

The competition which was held at the New N Block at the University of Ghana also featured Daboase Senior High and Technical School.

Impressing throughout the contest, Apam SHS came close to scoring a perfect score in Round Three, known as Problem of the Day. They scored nine out of the ten available points. The Problem, however, gave problems to their challengers as Winneba SHS and Daboase SHTS only earned two points each.

Apam SHS ended the contest with 62 points. Winneba trailed with 21 points while the underdogs, Daboase SHTS crushed out with just five points.

Also, Chemu SHS have booked their place at the One-Eighth Stage of the competition. Chemu SHS won with 53pts, following EPC Mawuko Girls' SHS with 25pts and St, Mary's Sem/SHS, Lolobi with 22pts.

The second contest of the competition, round 1 of the competition recorded Bolgatanga Girls' SHS with 24pts, Ashaiman SHS with 20pts and Lawra SHS, 08pts.

Still, with the second contest, Kpando SHS recorded 28pts followed by Saviour SHS with 22pts and Fiaseman SHS, 15pts. With the Speed Race, Saviour SHS topped with 12pts, Kpando SHS, 9pts and Fiaseman SHS, 0pt.

Ashaiman SHS topped 09pts, followed by Bolgatanga Girls' SHS with 04pts and Lawra SHS, 1pt in the Problem of the day.

Again, the problem of the day resulted in the following; Bolgatanga Girls' SHS; 00, Lawra SHS; 00 and 
Lawra SHS; 00 and Ashaiman SHS scored 00. Saviour SHS scored 3pts, Kpando SHS also 3pts followed by Fiaseman SHS, 3pts.

At the end of Round 4: Bolgatanga Girls' SHS scored 18pts, Ashaiman SHS, 17pts and Lawra SHS, 08pts.

Kpando SHS scored 28pts, Saviour SHS, 22pts followed by Fiaseman SHS: 15pts

In all, Kpando SHS emerged winner and set for the 1/8th stage. Bolgatanga Girls' SHS also made it to the One-eighth stage of the

The last contest was between Notre Dame Girls' SHS, Uthman Bin Affan SHS and Adaklu SHS. At the end of round 1, Uthman Bin Affan SHS scored 16pts, followed by Adaklu SHS with 11pts and Notre Dame Girls' SHS scoring 7pts.

At the end of round 2 Uthman Bin Affan SHS: 15pts, Notre Dame Girls' SHS, 13pts and Adaklu SHS, 12pts. With Problem of the Day, Notre Dame Girls' SHS, 1pt, Uthman Bin Affan SHS: 0pt, and Adaklu SHS, 0pt.

With the scores between the three competing schools so far Uthman Bin Affan SHS, 15pts, Notre Dame Girls' SHS, 14pts and Adaklu SHS: 12pts.

At the end of Round 2 T.I. AMASS, Kumasi recorded 33pts ,Berekum SHS; 16pts and Bawku SHTS; 02pts.

Meanwhile, the new quiz mistress of 2019 National Science and Maths quiz NSMQ  is Dr Thelma Ohene-Agyei who took over from  Elsie Effah Kaufmann who has been hosting the competition for the past twelve (12) years.