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Alleged Jubilee House takeover : Lawyer Martin Kpebu denied access to ACP Agordzor

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
ACP Dr Benjamin Agordzor
ACP Dr Benjamin Agordzor
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Lawyer for ACP Dr. Benjamin Agordzor, Martin Kpebu has been denied access to his client by the Bureau of National Investigation, BNI.

ACP Benjamin Agordzor was arrested and detained on Monday for communicating with the alleged coup plotters who the government said had been cooking an elaborate plan to destabilise the country.

ACP Agordzor is the second police officer to have been questioned on the matter after COP Nathan Boakye.

In an interview with Citi FM, Lawyer Martin Kpebu has alleged that he has been denied access to his client.

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" Very difficult to comprehend the situation, yesterday at the time they took him away from the BNI Headquarters annex I was informed that I could come in this morning and see him, so I've been here for over an hour now but I've not been given access, yet still his wife was here as early as 6:30 am they were told that they will be given access at 8 am and there are still here without access and subsequently they were told 2 pm, I came in I was informed to just hang on a bit they will try to put the officers on the line and it's been over one hour since I got in here, we will stay here a bit longer and hope that they will do the right thing because the constitution guaranteed that he has a right to consult a lawyer of his choice and he must be given reasonable access to be able to consult a lawyer, and not that they will make me sit here as if I'm babysitting......

Wife of the ACP Agordzor, Patience Agordzor said she is disappointed in the BNI for not allowing her to see her husband, "In fact, I'm disappointed in the ...... I've been here since 6:30 am with my family, I told them to even allow me to him from afar and they say they will not..."

COP Nathan Kofi Boakye confirms National Security invitation

COP Nathan Kofi Boakye yesterday confirmed that he was invited by National Security in connection with the alleged Jubilee House takeover investigations.

Confirming his invitation to Daily Guide, COP Nathan Kofi Boakye said he was invited by the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI), but said “I did not keep long. I went there at about 9 am and by 9.30 am, I had left the place. I went there myself and explained things to them. It was not an arrest; it was a chat.”

He emphatically denied his involvement in the coup plot when he said, “it must be noted that I have absolutely nothing to do with the coup plot directly or indirectly for the avoidance of doubt.”

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“I was neither arrested nor on bail. There is nothing like what is being said,” he added.


Senior military officer Colonel Samuel Kojo Gameli and a civilian employee of the Ghana Armed Forces Gershun Akpa, have already been charged for their role in what the government describes as an “elaborate plot targeted at the Presidency.”

State Prosecutor ASP Asare told the Kaneshie District Court that the serving soldiers were members of Take Action Ghana, a group of which Dr. Frederick Yao Mac-Palm is the leader.

According to him, they planned to engage in several demonstrations aimed at overthrowing the government.

ASP Asare disclosed that the suspects contracted one other person already in custody to produce explosives and guns at the Citadel Hospital.

The prosecution further revealed that GH¢2,300.00, was paid for six pistols while GH¢400.00 has since been paid for some explosives.

Meanwhile, lawyers of the nine persons who have been charged with treason felony have accused the military High Command of invasion of privacy.

According to the lawyers, who have some of their clients with the Ghana Armed Forces remanded at the Military custody, anytime they have conferences with them, persons with the Defence Intelligence Unit sit-in and record their private conversation.

Lawyer Kodjogah Adawudu made this known to the Kaneshie District Court presided over by Her Worship Mrs. Eleanor Botwe when the case was called on Monday, October 28.

ASP Sylvester Asare, the prosecutor on the matter, on his part said nothing of that sought has come to his attention.

He, however, assured the court that he would liaise with his colleagues at the GAF to make sure the right thing is done and report back to the court.