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Families troop to Cape Coast Teaching Hospital to identify victims of Dompoase accident

By Justice Kofi Bimpeh
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Some relatives of victims of the Dompoase accident have visited the Cape Coast Teaching Hospital to identify and collect their remains. 

Speaking to Citi FM, some of the relatives shared their last moments with the deceased victims.

"When I have a problem with my dad I can't even talk to him, sometimes I get angry and talk to him anyhow but he will say he wants the best for me. On Monday I called my mother she said she was busy so I decided to call her later after class, If I knew that will the last time talking to my mother I wouldn't have hanged up.."

Another relative added that "It's not going to be easy in all things we give thanks to God, she was my elder sister and i need to be strong for my other siblings ..".

Cape Coast Teaching Hospital 

The Cape Coast Teaching Hospital has called on the general public to help identify victims of the Dompoase accident which occurred on Tuesday.

The Public Relations Officer for Cape Coast Teaching Hospital Frederick Nyanka in an interview with Citi FM said out of the 57 victims who were on admission 30 of them have been discharged.

According to him, a total of 91 victims were brought to the hospital but 34 were confirmed dead.

"The total number of victims we received from the accident will amount to 91 out of which 34 confirmed dead and then we had 57 who were going through various levels of treatment, yesterday as at 1 pm 30 were discharged and in the evening a number of them were being prepared to go home.."

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He added that all the victims are conscious and responding to treatment.

Frederick Nyanka has also asked the general public to help identify the victims especially those whose relatives travelled on the said day of the accident.

"All of them are stable and conscious and responding to treatment very well if you have any relative who travelled on Monday night from Accra to Takoradi or Takoradi to Accra that you have not heard from please come to the hospital and let's go through the process and see, maybe your relative may be part so that you can identify the person and you continue with the process.."


Accident at Dompoase near Elmina in the Central Region has left 34 people dead while several others are in critical condition.

The incident occurred after an intercity bus with registration number GR 5704-18 collided head-on with another bus with registration number GN 3780-10.

According to reports, the crash occurred on Tuesday dawn.

According to the Public Relations Officer for the Ghana National Fire Service, Assistant Division Officer Abdul Wasil Hudu the crash occurred when one of the vehicles attempted to overtake a vehicle in a sharp curve.

"We had the distress call around 12:25 am and we quickly a team was dispatched to the scene when they arrived they realised that they were two buses that had the collision and at that particular moment when we did the rescue, those who we observed to have died at the spot were about 29 and there was also one small girl who was less than a year old, before this interview I was told that about five people have lost their lives at the hospital......."